Ein dag vakna eg og såg alle orda som låg på golvet og var tankar du hadde spytta ut i løpet av natta.

Eg hadde teipa fast ein plastslange bak drøvelen

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One of my texts in Billedkunst nr1 2019. On the latest book by Tommy Olsson
One of my texts in Billedkunst nr1 2019. On an exhibition by Vanessa Baird
Trykka i begrensa opplag 300stk. Kan kjøpast på Kunstnernes Hus nett no, eller ved å sende e-post. brynhild_w(at)yahoo.no
Billedkunst nr.5 2018. heile teksten kan lesast her:

medan eg prøver å vera fordomsfri på ordentleg

Kritikk av to utstillingar: Arild Våge Berge med utstillinga «Depôt», og Torbjørn Rødland si Festspillutstilling «Fifth Honeymoon» på Bergen Kunsthall. Nr.3 Billedkunst 2018. Heile teksten kan lesast her:

Månen i kroppen


The first 14 pages from my master text can be read here if you folow this link: Your Logic Hurts Against My Skin Brynhild Winther

Frå boka: Mitt alterego budde i Etiopia før misjonærane kom.

Katalogue from Høstutstillingen 2016. See the whole catalogue here: https://www.hostutstillingen.no/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/HK2016.pdf

Somewhere there is a silence

resting between lines.

I never told you, but

when you asked me, I said that famers and

workers in the oil industries are way more creative than artists, because

creativity is to use what you have

to solve things

in a way you have not learned from anyone else, but as a direct result of thinking.

I already knew your problems with understanding things existing outside of categories, or outside of the reach of words, so

I looked at you again, and

from the air, I pulled back all the words I had said

And I whispered:

somewhere there is a silence resting between lines, that

cannot be translated into words

That silence is containing the point from where chaos is visible

And between the lines there is a tree inside of a hole

where even the noisy birds

keep their mouths  shut

I remember

trying to explain what it is like to write in a language that is not mine

I did not have the word for it

I did not know what anyone would call an artificial limb in this language


I decided to call it a strap on penis

If you hold it in your hand for a while, you

will taste it in your mouth. The words, I mean

tasting like gloves

They say that a pipe line is charecterized by the continuation of the hole inside of it. And,

that this hole is following the whole lenght of the pipe. Inside

Liquid influences in the cell structure. Like sound vibrating in the softness of body parts

Broken bones are words

If you keep boiling the water it will all go away

Fingers twisting around tiny pieces of silence

You are sitting in my armchair, and

when you look at me, I

get a glimps of a ignorance or

something cynical in the back of your eye

Like you were almost human



Billedkunst nr 7, 2016


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The first written word was a drawing of an animal