Teaser. Details from some of the works to be shown at Bryne Kunstforening 2019



  •  Tag Team Studio, Prøverommet, Bergen 5th march, installation by Victor Guzman and Brynhild Winther
  • Solo exhibition at Joy Forum, Bergen opening 5th april
  • Book launch in april (the book is in Norwegian. Kan kjøpast på Bergen Kunsthall frå 13.april, eller ved å kontakte kunstnaren.)
  • MA Exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall opening Friday 13th april
  • Another Reductionist Cave, using a laboratory as a gallery space (more info soon to come)
  • 3months residency at Nordic Artists` Centre, Dale, Norway
  • Aping a ritual to heal sick horses. Solo exhibition at Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer 27th october- 16th december. 

 Upcoming 2019:

  • Solo exhibition at Bryne Kunstforening 16th february – 24th march 2019. (An exhibition on indiviDUALISM, on choices and defining the self in world, or refusing categories. On diversity, farmers and teenage rebellion. On believing that world can be changed, and about not growing up.)
Details from the exhibition at Joy Forum: Mistaking pressure for pleasure  (more images from the exhibition under the categories drawing and installation)


Your logic hurts against my skin / Silence injected. Shown at Friday the 13th, master exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall. See more images here


Tegnerforbundet (the Norwegian Drawing Association) Månedens tegner februar 2018. Interview in norwegian.

Kort om boka

Pedrofonnet 2017:

Installation shown in Kampen, Netherlands at Water Connects, juni 2017. More images in «Installations»


Høstiutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 2016