Details from the prosess of making «Your logic hurts against my skin/Aping», shown at Friday the 13th, at Bergen Kunsthall l



  •  Tag Team Studio, Bergen 5th march, installation by Victor Guzman and Brynhild Winther, Prøverommet
  • Solo exhibition at Joy Forum, Bergen opening 5th april
  • Book launch in april (the book is in Norwegian. Kan kjøpast på Bergen Kunsthall frå 13.april, eller ved å kontakte kunstnaren.)
  • MA Exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall opening Friday 13th april
  • Another Reductionist Cave, using a laboratory as a gallery space (more info soon to come)
  • 3months residency at Nordic Artists` Centre, Dale, Norway
  • Solo exhibition at Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer 27th october- 16th december.

 Upcoming 2019:

  • Solo exhibition at Bryne Kunstforening 16th february – 24th march 2019
Details from the exhibition at Joy Forum: Mistaking pressure for pleasure  (more images from the exhibition under the categories drawing and installation)


Your logic hurts against my skin / Silence injected. Shown at Friday the 13th, master exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall


Tegnerforbundet (the Norwegian Drawing Association) Månedens tegner februar 2018. Interview in norwegian.

Kort om boka

Pedrofonnet 2017:

Installation shown in Kampen, Netherlands at Water Connects, juni 2017. More images in «Installations»


Høstiutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 2016