Your logic hurts against my skin

The first 14 pages from my master text can be read here if you folow this link: Your Logic Hurts Against My Skin Brynhild Winther

Text about the works:

Before and after making the sculpture.

A short introduction, (not an explanation) on the bigger lines on the way I installed my works at the master exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall.

For the master exhibition, I wanted to experiment and do something that felt out of my comfort sone. I wanted to use the gallery space as a reductionist cave. To see things apart and framed. That makes those works a physical contradiction to my way of thinking. Contradictions are important to me because I believe something is happening in the points where contradictions meet.

Even if I wanted a reductionist perspective, I did not want it to be possible to stand in one point and see everything. I do not believe that world can be understood from one perspective, or by taking a phenomena out of chaos/world, and put into what I refer to as reductionist caves; a laboratory or a gallery space.

All the works are framed. The sculptures are framed in open structures. The objects on the wall are closed into kitchy golden frames. I choose those frames because I do not like frames, and have a bad humor, and because it pokes at the object fetishism of painting in art history. Drawing has been seen as something you do before you make the artwork. A frame is also a definition, the same way as words are used to construct truths simple enough for the human mind to understand.

Contradiction defined.


The first written word was a drawing of an animal